HOMEGROWN Life: The Farmer Goes Fishing

| 1/3/2013 10:54:32 AM

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“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

--A quote from my homesteading homeboy, H. D. Thoreau
Bryce son fishing

It seems that when it’s time to go about reflecting on life as a farmer and modern-day homesteader, my mind wonders to the dreamy romanticism of the things on the farm that have very little to do with planting, hoeing, harvesting and  washing. Instead, I get caught up in that all-consuming thought that so much of our toil and digging is wasted. Rather than worrying about pesky thoughts of debt and drought and diseases on the tomato vine, it might be easier (and superior) to spend my time letting the land feed us with what it already produces.

That means wild edibles, which I whole-heartedly pursue. Wild edibles include the plants all around us, but also the moving animal creatures with which we share our lands. I include in this mix the small and important farm pond, which houses a diverse array of fish species.

In this place (West Missouri), the available fish are those freshwater creatures very few have written about in the poetic sense. This is not the coolwater Country of Trout, nor is it part of Salmon Nation. This is not a tidal zone full of bivalves and crustaceans we can harvest readily.

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