Homestead Business Success Stories

Learn how Susan Landfield started a lemonade stand, Sue Gregg developed a rototilling business and Terry Crist cut firewood to make extra cash.

| May/June 1977

Sue Landfield from Neward, Mo.:  

Back in early 1971, some would-be back-to-the-landers in Quincy, Illinois who were looking for a moneymaking scheme happened upon an article in THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS ® about selling lemonade.

The write-up, "An Ideal Way for a Commune to Make Heavy Bread" motivated one of these folks — Kent Kattelman — to build a portable 8-by-8 foot stand of plywood and 2-by-4's. (See, too, MOTHER's article "The Lemon Tree.") 

The lower four feet of the walls in Kent's movable booth are plywood, and screening runs from the wood on up to the stand's roof. There's a counter in the front for transactions, and one in the rear to hold all necessary paraphernalia. Such a stand, put together wholly with screws and bolts, can be knocked down by two people in half an hour ... and fits piecemeal into an eight-foot pickup bed.

During the summer of 1971, Kent — with his wife Michelle and friends Rod Pool and Jeff Walz — sold lemonade at the local county fair and at several smaller festivals, and found the enterprise quite profitable indeed.

I entered the scene that fall, when we all talked of buying a farm and establishing a tiny community (we were five adults and one child at that time). And how did we figure on financing our dream? With lemonade!

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