What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

| 12/21/2009 5:02:01 PM

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Last week the editors at MOTHER EARTH NEWS closed their AP Stylebooks for an hour or so and went out to lunch. Naturally, the conversation turned to the holidays, and we began to share stories about our time-honored family traditions. Some were very serious, revered customs. Others were simply hilarious. But all of our traditions were original. That’s what makes them fun.

The evolution of a tradition is an interesting thing. All of a sudden, you realize that your family has been eating the same turkey casserole every Christmas Eve for the last 50 years, and no one knows why. No one even likes the turkey casserole. But it’s a tradition, so …

What traditions do you celebrate (or dread) at the holidays?

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paula perez_1
12/22/2009 9:24:54 PM

We have a tradition of all volunteering at a free community Thanksgiving dinner and working all day. Then, we have our own Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family the following day. Thanksgiving weekend we also drive to a Christmas tree farm as a family and choose a tree. We decorate our tree together and each family member puts on his/her own special ornaments. My husband and I hang our "First Christmas together" ornament together at the top of the tree (for 22 years so far). I always make my grandmother's Czech pastries (kolache) and mail them to my family at Christmas time.

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