Heritage Foods USA Launches Initiative to Support Goat Dairies

| 10/6/2011 12:23:07 PM

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Fifteen family farms and over 50 restaurants have committed to participation in No Goat Left Behind, a new program developed by Heritage Foods USA (HFUSA), a meat distribution company dedicated to preserving endangered breeds. The company has pledged to their farmers that they will sell 500 bucklings to restaurants and their mail order base during the month of October, the prime season for goat.

Without an end market the majority of male dairy goats are sold into the commodity market or killed at birth. Dairy farms are always struggling: with feed prices, with milk prices, and with weather. Goats usually have twins or triplets and for every female who will become a milker, there is a male buckling who will become a financial drain. It makes no sense that these males are sold into the commodity market or put to death when the United States imports almost 50 percent of its annual goat supply (17,000,000 pounds so far this year).

No Goat Left Behind’s contributing farmers raise their goats to HFUSA’s specifications guaranteeing pasture raised animals, raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics. Similarly the animals will be slaughtered in Animal Welfare Approved (Eagle Bridge Custom Meats, Eagle Bridge, NY) or Certified Humane (Paradise Locker Meats, Trimble, MO) slaughterhouses. Participating farms include:

New York: Asgaard Farm and Dairy, Caz Acrez, Chattlehope Farm, Hawk Hall Farm, Highwood Farm, Indian Hill Farm, Miz-inka Farm, Mounts Creek Farm, Strait Gate Farm, Sunny Acres Farm. Vermont: Twig Farm, Consider Bardwell Farm, Ed LaFontaine for Vermont Butter and Cheese. Other: Shannon Creek Farm, KS; Gingrich Farm, IA.

Goat is the most popular protein in the world. It is a lean, nutritious source of meat and has a lower carbon footprint than beef, pork or lamb. It makes environmental and dietary sense to utilize this readily available protein source in the United States. We encourage curious diners to discover the best goat has to offer by visiting these visionary participating restaurants:

New York City: Al Di La, Antonucci, Babbo, Bar Boulud, Back Forty, Becco, Betto, Cleaver Company, Colicchio and Sons, Colonie, Corsino, Community Food and Drink, Egg, Daniel, El Almacen, Employees Only, Fatty Crab Downtown, Fatty Cue, Fatty Cue Brooklyn, Fette Sau, Gramercy Tavern, Heritage Meat Shop, Isa, Lincoln, Lupa, Maialino, Má Pechê, Minetta Tavern, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Momo Sushi, Northern Spy, Oceana, Otto, Ottomanelli & Sons, Palo Santo, Pulino’s, Purple Yam, Roberta’s, Salumeria Rosi, Spotted Pig, Tia Pol, Union Square Café, Untitled, Vinegar Hill House.

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