Heritage Animals on a Homestead

| 6/25/2015 10:16:00 AM

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Homesteading has become the heart of the do-it-yourself movement. In this era of sustainability, homesteaders take their lifestyle to varying extents. Some choose to live life completely off grid and exactly as our forefathers, while others opt for a lifestyle with modern technology mixed with a sustainable lifestyle. Think iPhones, beer brewing and square-foot gardening.

Regardless of the depth of involvement, the use of heritage animals is an integral part of the homestead community.

What makes these animals so special? They're the Adam and Eve of present-day livestock.

Love Those Real Cows

Genetically modified organisms, more commonly called GMOs, riddle grocery store shelves. If you try to find corn that hasn't been modified or treated with a product from Monsanto, you're going to have to buy local from a farmer you trust. As an average consumer, we're used to worrying about the state of our produce, and, sure, we try to buy grass-fed meat, but that doesn't mean the meat is coming from a heritage breed.

Heritage animals pre-date the GMO livestock that most of us eat — even though most of us aren't intentionally picking non-heritage meat. Unless you know the farmer, it's almost impossible to guarantee your meat is from a heritage animal because the USDA hasn't actually acknowledged "heritage" as a label.

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