Heat Booster Introduces a New Heat Recovery System

| 6/18/2012 8:34:46 AM

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Water heating safely with a wood stove is now made possible with Heat-Booster’s new patent pending “Hot Jacket”. A Safe Water Heating System Kit which can be retro-fitted to most wood stoves. Heat-Booster Energy Systems located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada has developed a safe water heating system kit for wood stoves. Hot air is collected from around the wood stove using a series of jackets / cover panels resting on top of the wood stove. Collected hot air is drawn across an air to water heat exchanger where heat is transferred to water. Hot air temperature cannot get high enough to create excessive pressures or temperatures when blower is running. Heat transfer stops when blower is not running. It’s designed to make hot water safely with no worries of creating high pressure water or steam for all wood stove owners. A temperature switch at heat exchanger inlet is used to stop blower and circulating pump when water has reached desired temperature.

The benefits realized with this system kit include: heat transfer to water can be stopped or started immediately with the flick of a switch, lower heat temperatures used to heat water eliminates potential to create high pressure steam, no water tubes in the firebox, no water tubes in contact with hot stove surfaces, no effect on stove EPA emissions, retro-fit design fits over wood stoves and does not require any fastening or drilling into wood stove, insurance friendly, liability friendly and easy do it yourself installation.

The innovative safe water heating system was developed by communicating and listening to OEM wood stove manufacturers. They want a water heating system that doesn’t change the way a wood stove performs, provides customers with a stress free way to make hot water from their wood stoves and it must be above all, safe to operate. Heat-Booster listened and created Hot Jacket

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