Guide to Natural Cats

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For readers with cats to care for, here are some MOTHER EARTH NEWS tips about everything from natural cat food to common cat health issues to DIY toys, beds, and kitty litter. Keep your cat healthy and happy!

A barnyard, shed, or porch isn’t quite complete without a cat — or an “autonomous rodent control system” as one MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader put it. The truth about cats is that they’re “all-in” types. If they’re territorial, they’ll notice a flea that’s in their control zone. If they’re affectionate, they’re a committed cuddle kitty. And if they’re sly or lazy or vocal, well, then they’re impressively accomplished at the feat. We MOTHER EARTH NEWS types are pretty committed, too. We’re committed to our land, our communities, and, heck yes, our cats, too.

Food & Health

Feedback on Cat Nutrition

An informed reader responds to another reader’s inquiry about cat nutrition and feeding.

Natural Flea Control

How to beat pests with natural alternatives like nontoxic, ingestible pet remedies.

Choose the Best Cat and Dog Food

There are so many types of pet food in stores. What should I look for and what should I look out for?

About Feline LeukemiaCaring for a Cat
Stop Kitten Biting and More Answers
One contagious, cancer-causing virus has gained an insidious foothold within pet cat populations. Veterinarian Jon Geller discusses common cat health problems and how to prevent and treat them. A vet talks about helping a kitten stop biting, canine nutrition, what to feed a pregnant pet, and more.

Top 10 Natural Foods for Cat Health
Here are the top picks for giving your feline the food to support its complete nutritional needs.

DIY Alternatives


Rodent-Proof Your Home
Use these techniques to keep your homestead rodent-proof.

Idea for Alternative Cat Litter
With these alternative cat litters, you can save money and avoid unpleasant smells.

The Purr-fect Homemade Cat Bed
Wondering what to do with old sweaters? Keep your cat cozy with this homemade cat bed!

Creating Catnip Mousies with Dried Herbs
Learn how to create a simple catnip mouse toy for your cats.

Build a Kitty Condo
Learn how to make this high-rise playground that your feline will love!

Compostable Kitty Litter
This reader makes compostable kitty litter out of wood shavings.

Find New Uses for Litter Containers

Discover some uses for cat litter containers and other pet product packaging around the house.

Straw-Bale Insulated Cat House

Keep your outdoor cats safe and warm in the winter with this three-bale insulated cat house.

Cat-Proof Your Stereo Speakers

If your kitty uses fabric speaker grilles as scratching posts, you can foil them with simple techniques.

Kitty Litter Mats from Recycled Goods
You can recycle common household goods to be used as kitty litter mats.