Goats: The Great Weed-eaters

| 2/11/2013 8:54:56 AM

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It’s cold and blustery here today, but still a far cry from yesterday when winter storm “Nemo” came to visit. When it snows sideways, and there are hurricane force winds, you know you are in trouble. The one thing that jacksnowdogdidn’t happen was a power outage! WOW, normally that’s one of the first things that happen up here, but even though it was wicked ugly out there, it was warm (thanks to the wood stove) and we could cook, and flush the toilet, yeah! It’s funny how those little things can be overlooked sometimes. 

This morning was/is the great clean up. Plowing with the loader on the tractor, shoveling, and of course playing in the deep snow with Jack, our dog, who just loves it! Jack is a rescue from Alabama and this is his first winter up here.  

As I sit here, looking out the windows, I can’t help but think about summer! Lush green, the goats out browsing, sunshine, rain showers, the warmth of the sun, and still so much more winter to go.  Of course, along with summer weedeaterscomes all of those nasty problems that we have to deal with, being over taken with kudzu, bamboo, poison ivy, wild roses (believe me, they can be a huge problem!), and our worst scourge, wild raspberries and blackberries. 

So, what is the best way to deal with these nastys? Fence it in and put your goats out there of course!  We don’t deal with kudzu up here, but we can be overrun with the rest of those darned weeds. I do know that if the plant is completely defoliated over and over again, they die. No chemicals needed, lots of good fertilizer left behind! 

3/23/2013 12:47:48 PM

I can't wait for goat-school! Hopefully we'll have our first goats by the end of the summer!

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