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Goats: It's All In The Names


It’s all in the name. One of the most enjoyable things about the upcoming kidding season is getting to pick out names. We’ve gotten so many comments about the names that we chose for our boys and girls. So, here are a few hints about how we do it.

It all started nearly 25 years ago with two Angora does. The first doe was tinkerbellenamed My Obsession. Angora goats were an obsession for me so the name certainly fit! However, she had the funniest little patch of fuzz between her horns, so she instantly got the nickname, Fuzzy. The second doe, a yearling, needed a good ethereal name. So, off to the children’s fairy tales I went.  What a great bunch of names I found that had to do with spinning, weaving, princesses, queens and so on. I wrote them all down and checked back on that list for many years. There was Arabella (means to be prayerful and I was very thankful to have her), Elspeth (was a witch, and believe me when I tell you that little Elspeth, always in trouble, was a little witch!!),  

Ezmarelda (remember her from the Hunchback of Notre Dame?), Arachne (spider spinning webs?) and, there were so many more that I could and did use!  

Sandman Then came the Boer goats and one of my favorite girls named Nan-C. What fun we had coming up with boy and girl names with the hyphen. A Buttonboy named Bold-R (his dad was Rocky after all!)  

And, of course there were all the night time births; Night-train, Starlight, Sandman, the names were endless!  

One year, the last kid of the season, a gorgeous little, red Boer buckling was named Caboose!  

A beautiful young doe we had purchased in Illinois came with the worst name ever, Bald Face Girl. We think she got this awful moniker because of her all white face. This was going to be a tough one! We nicknamed her Baldie Girl, but what would we ever name her kids? Well, the day came and she delivered the most perfect little doeling. My husband, Ken, took one look at this darling and said “she’s as cute as a button!” The name stuck and she became Button. Button went on to have a set of twins named Zipper and Snap, and there was Shoelace (Lacey was her nickname), the names were endless at that point. 

 Beautiful Baldie Girl had a set of twins the following year, Twinkle (girl) and Shine (boy). Twinkle was such a fun name! There was Sparkle, Glitter, Shimmer, and on and on it went. 

Then of course, there were our milking girls. Our big beautiful Dusk, yielded Luna, Starshine, Dawn, Twilite, Midnight, and Dusk’s brother, CoraDarkness. 

Xable (pronounced Zable) was tough until I went and looked online at names starting with X & Z! We had Xelda,  Xerses, Xena, Xowie, and Xoey. 

Carina produced Carlotta, Chloe, Cora, Clara, and more names that started with “C” than I care to think about! Oh, and then there was our pretty Nubian doe named Caribbean. What else could we name her little girl offspring but Bahama Mama. 

So, with all of this being said, have fun with the names! Don’t over think it, enjoy! 

Some really good news: There is a good possibility that Goat School® will be traveling to Minnesota in June of 2013! We are hoping to put together some other Goat Schools® along the way, and perhaps as far away as British Columbia, Canada! We are calling this endeavor the “Great North American Goat School Tour”. Watch our website for updates. 

If you are interested in hosting a Goat School®, clickhere for details! 

More information on Minnesota will be available after the holidays. 

And, of course you can come to Maine for our Goat School®here! 

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If I don’t get another blog done before Christmas, may all of you have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!