Goats: How Do I Milk My Goat?

| 8/30/2012 6:09:34 PM

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We are a State of Maine licensed raw dairy, and the information contained in this post is about how we do things. We are held to the same standardsequipment on milk testing that large corporations which process pasteurized cow milk are held to. With that being said, we pass our milk tests with flying colors over and over again, so we must be doing something very right! 

A question often asked is “how do I go about milking my goat”? The answer is not an easy one to answer in writing, but I am going to try to make this process simple and fun! 

Many folks also complain about hand and wrist pain along with sore backs from milking their goats, and I will address this also.  

First let’s talk about sitting positions.  How you sit will most likely affect how you feel after you’ve milked. I have heard about or seen in person sosittingonthestand many different ways of positioning yourself while milking. One friend, while very pregnant, found the only position she was comfortable in, was bending over the back of the goat and milking from behind! I didn’t actually get to see her do this, but, I wish I had, what a visual!! I have seen photos in National Geographic of goats being milked in other countries in this fashion. 

The two positions that Ken and I use on our farm are sitting on the milk stand and sitting sittingbesidethestandbeside the milk stand.  I like to sit on the stand up close and personal to the goat I am milking. I find that with this position, I am not stretching out my arms, thus, taking the pressure off the muscles. Years ago, when working in an office I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, and was miserable.  When I stopped working, it went away.  I thought milking the goats would bring it back in a big way, but in the seven or so years we’ve been hand milking, I can honestly say I have never had a sore muscle from milking!  

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