Goat's Milk Soap: A Farm-to-Bath Home Run for Serenity Acres Farm

| 10/15/2015 9:02:00 AM

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The Beginning

Remember February 2014? I wrote a blog post about my experience of applying for a federal grant. Flash forward to August 2014: We were awarded the grant.

Now go forward to December 2014: All the paperwork was signed and we received the go-ahead to start spending the money. So, in January of 2015, a year after I submitted the grant, we began our project with Pulp + Wire, the PR and branding firm under the guidance of Taja Dockendorff, to redesign our goat’s milk soap and body care packaging, redesign the website and undergo a complete re-branding for the “bath” line coming from our farm. The goal was to grow up from a farmer’s market product to a product that would stand out and successfully compete on a retail shelf.

Speed forward at an exhilarating pace to September 2015 and here we are! Before you read any further about the last eight months, check out our new website at www.SerenityGoats.com and see the awesome results of the redesign and re-branding – and, more importantly, be the judge of whether we succeeded. Read on for the moral of the story.

From Farm to Farm with a Story: Re-Branding Our Farm

“Before” Serenity Acres Farm goat's milk soap had packaging that was adequate for a farmers market. Mind you, we have a great soap and it sold well, but the packaging was homegrown and looked homey and cheap on a retail shelf — but it had no spark and no story. Nevertheless, it showed potential and we were determined to pursue it as the value-added product which could help our farm achieve financial sustainability. A goal for every farmer is to make ends meet without an outside job.

We are running our farm as sustainably as possible and are trying to reduce our footprint on Mother Earth. In Joel Salatin’s terms, that means “more eyeballs an acre.” It means being Animal Welfare Approved certified, avoiding industrial farming practices, including sub-therapeutic hormones and antibiotics.

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