Girl Out of Water - The Bee Adventure

| 7/4/2011 4:08:06 PM

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My husband and I had been wanting to get into beekeeping for years and years.  Something always came up to prevent it, like a move to another city or country, or a job change that required his focus to change.  But one day I decided that we had read enough books, attended enough bee meetings, and talked to enough beekeepers and it was time to get started.  It just so happened that when I decided that, my husband was working ... in a war zone half a world away.

The hive hardware was ordered and arrived, and the protective gear was ready.  All I needed was the bees!

A box of bees was ordered and was to come in the US Mail.  Really, I asked?  I was instructed to call the post office to make sure that they knew the box had live bees and to call me when it arrived, as the bees would not be able to handle the heat of being in the delivery truck.  Who knew that you could mail a BOX of live BEES in the US Mail?

The morning the phone call came I was in a meeting, so my son went to the post office to get them.  He called when he got home and I asked, "What's the box of bees like?"

"It's a screened box, and you can see them and they are MAD and really loud," he told me.  When I got home from the meeting, he was right.  It was indeed a box, made out of screen, and you could see the bees and they could see you.  And the level of their buzzing escalated every time you got near or touched or moved the box.

I donned my protective gear, and followed the directions, which are:  spray the bees with sugar water to make them docile, and then pour them (or dump them, one book put it) all into the hive.  Place the queen, who resides in her special queen box, at the bottom of the hive, close up the hive and check back in a couple of days.  Now doesn't that sound easy?

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