Girl Out of Water - Spring is finally here!

| 4/15/2012 10:29:30 PM

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 Spring has finally arrived!

Our winter has been extremely mild this year, so I don’t mean to imply that I’ve been waiting impatiently while snowed in or waiting out a frigid icy winter.  And though our temperatures have been relatively warm (we did just have the fourth warmest winter on record), I was extremely tired of the brown and gray landscape that our winter brings.


The hillsides in the winter are extremely dreary.  The evergreens lends a small amount of color, but not much.

When those spring colors finally start to pop, it seems that the whole world changes.  The end-of-the-winter surliness that had settled on the world appears to lift off on that very first bright and shiny day of spring.  That first day of REAL spring feels like a magical day.

It seems that every single person in my community was hitting the home improvement stores and nurseries for their flowers on that first warm and sunny day.  The frost-free date might not have arrived, but everyone is just itching to plant “just a few inexpensive flowers” to add to the spring feeling, and make their yards a little colorful.  As a result, the whole world seems to be on the move:  traffic is heavy, the stores are full, families are out and about, and people actually seem to be smiling at each other!

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