Girl Out of Water -- It's Snake Season!!

| 5/6/2012 11:38:17 AM

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I just discovered that a black snake lives in our yard.

I discovered it when I went out the back door and saw it skedaddle.  It must have been sunning itself, as it was a very bright and hot day.  I startled it, and it hightailed off into a hiding place that was very narrow and dark, but one that I walked by quite frequently.  It made me wonder why I hadn’t seen it sooner.

Which made me think of snakes in general.  We all know that snakes live everywhere, and you don’t have to live in the country to come across snakes.  We lived in the middle of a city once and had a black snake that lived in the yard, and I saw it often in the four years that we lived in that house.  Our youngest daughter even stepped on it coming down the back steps in a hurry one day.

Snakes are an interesting icon in our society.  People either like them or hate them and there doesn’t seem to be any in between on that score.  Some people run screaming if one is even mentioned to be in the area, illogically hating to be in the same vicinity, as if a snake will come and devour them just like in the movies.

I have a neighbor that is one of those that is afraid of snakes.  He is so afraid of them that he carries a rifle with him while he is on his tractor cutting hay to shoot at any snakes that he might see.  Mind you, he is sitting about six or seven feet up off the ground on that tall tractor, enclosed in a cab that has air conditioning.  The day that a common snake jumps that high off of the ground onto a smelly and loud machine and knows to go after the human that is steering it is truly the day that we should all prepare for the end of the world.  But it seems that there is no logic when trying to explain all of that to someone that is afraid of or dislikes snakes as much as my neighbor.

I know someone, however, that will go looking for a snake if someone says one was sighted.  I was walking down the sidewalk with this friend when a man walked up and asked if either of us had lost a pet snake.  We looked at each other and said no, and asked why he would ask random people if they had lost a snake.  “Because,” he said, “one is on the sidewalk right over there.”  And this person that I know ran down the sidewalk to see the snake, identified what kind of harmless snake it was, and picked it up!

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