Girl out of Water - Country Directions

| 5/24/2011 2:35:10 PM

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Getting directions from locals when you are new to an area can always be confusing.  But when you get COUNTRY directions, it can be downright maddening.

I was taking our daughter in her pre-driving days to a new friend’s house and asked for directions.  I diligently wrote them all down and took them with us when we started out.  They went like this:

Them:  “Turn onto the same road the high school is on.”  Hello!!  I’m brand new in town!  I know the general area where the high school is located way out in the country, but my children didn’t go to high school yet so I never had to find it, and there are absolutely no signs pointing you that way.  Thankfully I am EXCELLENT at map reading, since this was before in-car GPS!

Them:  “Turn left at the 2nd left where all the cows are inside the white fence.”  First of all, if you’ve ever driven through the country you know that many fields have cows in them and lots of them are fenced with white fencing!   Secondly, most of the driveways look exactly like the roads you will have to turn on.  So do you count every single turn?  The answer is “sometimes.”

Double Star Bar Farm Road 

Me:  “What’s the name of the road?”

5/27/2011 6:45:17 PM

For their first date, my mother in law gave my father in law directions to the house she was living in while she was in college. They included the instructions, "Turn left at the yellow barking dog." They've been divorced for 30 years but he still has those directions. :)

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