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Get Started with Chickens

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In this episode Kellsey Trimble, Managing Editor of Grit Magazine, sits down with Alison Martin of the Livestock Conservancy, Bill Ahrens and Kevin Fletcher of New Country Organics, and Victoria Miller author of “Pure Poultry.” These experts share their tips on and stories to help us understand how to give your flock the nutrition, housing, training, protection, and the respect they need to be successful and enjoyable.

 Our Podcast Guests Include

Kellsey Trimble, managing editor of Grit, enjoys immersing herself in the homestead lifestyle as frequently as possible. We were happy to have her on this episode as she continues to enjoy backyard poultry and is expand her expertise on self-sufficient living. You can find Kellsey’s blog, Thistle Moon Ridge, on

Alison Martin, PhD is the Livestock Conservancy’s Executive Director. She has more than 20 years in poultry science, specializing in health and vaccine development. She was a key leader on the world’s first in ovo (in the egg) vaccine for coccidiosis. Alison has a PhD in Genetics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, where she specialized in disease resistance in poultry.


Bill Ahrens is New Country Organics‘ information and creative technologist. He studies fermenting, the second brain, permaculture orchards and how to eliminate the need to explain organics.


Kevin Fletcher is New Country Organics‘ guru and organic oracle. His knowledge base is in grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry, goat dairy, organic vegetables and herb farming, beneficial insect programs, organic honey production, farm store, community-supported agriculture (CSA), restaurant marketing of organic products, organic grain production, large-scale organic composting, and integration of organic best practices into traditional farm operations.


Victoria Redhed Miller grew up in Seattle and now lives with her husband, David, on their off-grid farm in the Olympic Mountain foothills near Sequim, Washington. She writes and blogs about homesteading and self-reliance, as well as speaking at events around the country. She is also the author of Pure Poultry: Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkeys and Ducks

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