Should Genetically Modified Foods be Labeled?

| 2/1/2010 9:58:12 AM

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GMO ApplesIn a recent online survey, we asked you how you felt about foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. Should they carry a warning label, so consumers can avoid them if they wish?

Here’s what our online community thought:  

Do you feel that genetically modified foods should be labeled as such?

1. Yes. The jury is still out on whether or not they’re safe, and I have a right to know. 457 votes (94 percent)

2. No. There's no health risk involved with GMOs, and a label would create the impression that there is. 27 votes (6 percent)

The message looks pretty clear: Consumers want total transparency when it comes to their food, and they should! Yet, according to the Institute for Responsible Technology, genetically modified ingredients are found in many everyday, unlabeled items, such as infant formula, salad dressing, bread, cereal, crackers, cookies, peanut butter and much more.

2/17/2010 12:07:23 AM

I beleive that not only should we know about GMO produce for human consumtion.Ask any teacher today they are seeing more health problems like ADD, children with more alergys,childhood diabetis, and so on.I beleive this magazine and a few other natrual living mags have had so many articals about how food has changed sence the early 1900's one said that as food got alterted the nutritional value went down and the sugars in them went up.One heirloom seed company stated in one of there articals that a farmer couldn't figure out why his chickens wheren't eating thier feed.So he sent out the food to be analized and found that not only was it a geneticly altered food but that the round up that was sprayed to supress the weeds from growing so that the farmers could get greater yeilds was going into the food and a chemical with some numbers like 246 and a big chemical name I couldn't prononce was found in the bird food. This chemical had been linked to slowing brain development and other birth defects. this farmer has gone back to feeding his birds what the old timers used to corn, sorgum,flaxseed and other natural things. I think I will side with the bird No GMO's for me please or chemicals for that matter.

2/8/2010 1:58:56 PM

PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE LABEL GMO FOODS! Everyone has the right to know and control what they put in their bodies!

2/8/2010 1:58:21 PM

PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE LABEL GMO FOODS! Everyone has the right to know and control what they put in their bodies!

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