Dear MOTHER October/November 2017

Letters from our readers about aging gardeners, resilience in the face of natural disaster, and more.

October/November 2017


Photo by Maryann Lepic

Gardening for the Elderly: People Like Pearl

I’m subscribed to MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Mother Earth Living and enjoy each issue. I keep them and reread them often; they’re filled with good, practical information for sustainable living. Thank you for all the hard work you do to produce such important magazines.

I very much enjoyed Pearl O’Neill’s letter, Pearls of Wisdom,” in the Country Lore department of the last issue (August/September 2017). I’d like to see MOTHER EARTH NEWS find more people like Pearl to interview for tips and information about how seniors keep gardening as they age. We have a large population of the baby-boom generation who are now in their 60s and older, and I think this would be inspirational and give the support we long to see. There’s so much on TV telling us that as we age we won’t be as interesting, fit, or productive, and that we must rely on a variety of pharmaceutical prescriptions to give us vitality and quality of life instead of doing it naturally.

Gardening seems to be a great way for people to come together and enjoy fresh air and the bounties of their gardens. I do hope that MOTHER EARTH NEWS will find a way to include ongoing articles showcasing people like Pearl who show that you can keep on enjoying life in your garden for many years!