Make a Garden Scarecrow From Recycled Compact Discs

Create a garden scarecrow from recycled compact discs, birds seeking your garden fruit see the shiny cd's and the movement scares them away.

| April/May 2002

This low-cost garden scarecrow from recycled compact discs keeps birds out of your garden. 

In the late summer, when the grapes are getting about as sweet as they can get, robins, finches, king birds and other fruit-lovers become quite attracted to my arbors. I have found making a garden scarecrow from recycled compact discs can keep the birds at bay, at least during midday when they seem the most aggressive. The shiny, mirrorlike surfaces of CDs are highly reflective and create a bright, swirling rainbow of color. If you hang several discs around a tree or grapevine, the blinding reflection is too intense for those beady bird eyes, and the opportunistic omnivores seek easier peckings elsewhere.

The trick to hanging the CDs for maximum bird-repelling effect is to bend a 3-inch-long piece of wire into the shape of the Greek letter omega. Make the loop part about 1/2 inch wide so it slips through the hole in the center of the disc. The "feet" of the omega catch the edge of the hole so the wire hanger doesn't slip through entirely. Tie a length of fishing line to the center of the omega's loop and the other end to a supporting branch. If done properly the disc should have the shiny side facing skyward, but should not be balanced perfectly horizontal. Instead let the disc tilt at a 30 to 45 degree angle. The discs should be able to rotate freely and placed where they can catch the sun's rays.

Paul Neher
Las Cruces, New Mexico

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