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Our organic gardens are the hub of our homestead. They serve many functions to us, like increasing our self-reliance and food security, adding to the beauty of our farm, to our health, teaching opportunities, the uniqueness of our lodging business and our very limited need of money.

When Dennis first came here 15 years ago, the driveway went straight through what's now one of our gardens. Until a few years ago, the other garden area still was a forest floor with standing trees. Today our two gardens together measure about 8000 square feet and provide us with food year round, as well as plenty for trading and giving away.

Deer Isle Hostel Garden Beds

Use Natural Materials

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We enjoyed your article. We also use permanent paths in our garden and it certainly is convenient. We have nearly 3/4 of an acre in the garden and a great deal is done with vertical gardening techniques. We find it is space saving as well as labor saving and allows for less space to have to tend. We live in a farming community and local farmers are more than happy to give us old hog fencing if we will simply remove it for them. It is a good form of recycling and since it has been used it has taken on the rustic patina which fits into our plan. The garden is that soothing space which allows one to connect with the goodness of the earth and supplies us with a bountiful harvest which feeds us through the cold winter months. There is satisfaction beyond words from opening the canning cupboards and pulling out jars of home canned items. Not only for the healthiness of the contents but for the joy of being transported back to that garden space on those warm summer days.

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