Fun Facts About Chickens

| 6/7/2016 8:42:00 AM

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Chickens have always been a trademark of farm life and recently have gained popularity with backyard farmers looking to take out the middleman between themselves and fresh eggs. They’re funny looking feathered friends with distinct personalities and some unusual antics you might not know about if you are just getting into poultry.

Facts About Chicken Eggs

People often get chickens to provide them with their own eggs. The average hen will lay about 300 eggs a year, but their laying is seasonal and will decrease as your chicken ages. You might be overrun with more eggs than your family can eat during Spring and Summer, but find yourself having to supplement with store bought eggs in the Winter months.


Fresh chicken eggs have deeper orange yolks than store bought ones and often contain more important vitamins and nutrients. They are also easy to collect and comparably inexpensive. If you have too many eggs, you can help cover your costs in keeping chickens by selling them. Farm fresh eggs can fetch up to $5 a dozen and in most states it is legal to sell eggs from your backyard coop.

While it is hard to make a large enough profit to cover the costs of keeping chickens, selling eggs can be educational for young farmers and a fun way to not waste your excess.

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