Ft. Garland, Colorado - Part 4

| 5/11/2012 8:03:42 AM

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Allgon Pizza 01 

It would seem that a small town like Ft. Garland could be described with a couple of paragraphs in a single blog.  This is now number four of the series.  The advantages of Ft. Garland seem to be so numerous I’ll be fortunate to conclude this series on the town in anything less than six total  blogs.  It is an amazing area that has much to inspire any writer and regardless of which direction you may look it is heavy with western nostalgia, right down to the old steam engine train that runs through the town on its way from Alamosa to LaVeta.    

For a town of less than 400 residents, Ft. Garland, has four restaurants.  All four are located right on highway 160; a major east - west road that crosses S. Colorado.  When we first moved to the area we would  drive two hours, one way, to Taos, NM, for good southwestern food.  In the last several years we have found our local restaurants in Ft. Garland provide excellent southwestern meals at a very reasonable cost.  For those travelers who cross our State and stop at one of these restaurants they will not only find a surprisingly good meal but small town friendliness at its very best. 

The four local  restaurants are: Del’s Diner, Carolyn’s Kitchen, Silver Sage and Allgon Pizza.  Having enjoyed meals at all four restaurants we have found each one serves excellent meals.  Silver Sage has a Ruben that is simply outstanding as well as a wide range of other meals.  Carolyn’s Kitchen has a wide range of meals that are very affordable.  Del’s Diner has excellent breakfasts and normal meals usually found at diners.  Allgon is not just pizza as the name implies but some of the best southwest eating available.  While we have eaten at all four we tend to frequent Allgon more frequently simply because we have been friends with the owners since we first moved to the area.

Like previous blogs about Ft. Garland, describing our terrific grocery store and hardware store, Ft. Garland doesn’t lack for excellent restaurant food at a reasonable price.  So whether you are a local or visitor passing through,  expect and receive a good meal in Ft. Garland at any of our four restaurants.  One word of caution however is if you choose Allgon unless you want to be addicted to homemade fudge, avoid the fudge bar.  It is so outstanding we send it as Christmas gifts.   So stop and enjoy a good meal in Ft. Garland and enjoy a little home town hospitality and nostalgic western ambiance.

As I progress describing the benefits of Ft. Garland, I’m sure you will see why we believe it may be one of the best places in the country to live. Whether you are native or a visitor the welcome you receive is warm and friendly.  The next subject will be about one of our local parks, also something you would not expect to find in such a small town. Ft. Garland the little town that just makes you feel like you are finally home and wonder why it took so long to get there.

For more on Ft. Garland and mountain living with Bruce and Carol McElmurray go to: http://www.brucecarolcabin.blogspot.com  

Christy Lessner
5/13/2012 4:24:56 AM

I have eaten at the Silver Sage while in town and I must say they were friendly and the food was great. It is worth the stop if you are in the area.

5/12/2012 10:05:13 PM

I would like to make a correction in the above blog. I have found out that Carolyn's Kitchen has undergone a name change and is now called the Old West Cafe. The food is still outstanding.

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