FRONT PORCH - Winter Songs, Woodstoves and your Kitchen Table

| 1/5/2013 11:38:52 AM

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It’s wintertime at the log cabin.

It's Saturday morning, I'm home from the road. Fireplace. Coffee. A silent snow falls as a bird sings on the sill outside my window.

 "Out of the bosom of the air, out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken, over the woodlands brown and bare, over the harvest-fields forsaken, Silent, and soft, and slow descends the snow." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

I love winter.  I’m a chop-your-own-wood banjo player. I love the aroma of good coffee and a fireplace. And oatmeal bread toast.  I guess, in many ways, a cozy kitchen is winter’s version of a front porch.  And nothing makes a kitchen cozier than the ambience of a woodstove.

 “Every man looks at his woodpile with affection. I love to stack mine before my window so I can remind myself of my pleasing work. It warms me twice, once when I split them and again when they are on fire.” – Henry David Thoreau

My life is such a damned contradiction. I write about life and earth, but whenever people ask me where I live, I find honesty to be ding-dang disturbing. In order to sing about nature and Mother earth I must live in airplanes, car seats and motels. When I am not on the road, however, my time is spent in a most romantic setting – my log cabin home, set upon a hill on seven acres in Kentucky.

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