FRONT PORCH: Making your own Homestead Music Coffeehouse

| 9/26/2012 11:40:10 AM

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I love performing.  

I love the magic of singing to an audience and watching their response. It doesn’t matter if it’s a theater, a coffeehouse, a living room concert or a front porch. It is a wonderful moment and I crave it. It is akin to picking flowers and handing them to your lover and basking in her response. Music, in its most organic form, is one of the greatest gifts and, in turn, rewards in human life. 

Music is also the ultimate do-it-yourself occupation. Most every artist is self-employed and, these days, even run their own little record labels. Since the last of the music store chains died, performing is really the only way artists have to present their music to new audiences. The days of getting signed to a record company, releasing an album, getting it played on radio and followed by a big concert tour are over. 

Heck, even records are gone from our lives. I mean, five years ago, could anyone have guessed that one of the biggest retailers of CDs in America would end up being ... drum roll, please ... the Cracker Barrel Restaurant chain? 

For decades, readers of MOTHER EARTH NEWS have been encouraged to build, create, grow and discover. Folks are nurtured to use what they read on the pages and put it into real, three-Dimensional action in their own homesteads. 

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