From Typewriter to iPad in Three Easy Decades

| 10/26/2011 9:02:04 AM

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 By Cam Mather

Firing up my 27-year-old Macintosh computer when Steve Jobs died made me kind of reminiscent about the “good” old days of computing. And “the time before.”

Michelle and I love to regale our tech savvy daughters with stories of having to “type” our essays during high school and university. Can you imagine? And as someone who makes a mistake every 7 characters the concept seems terrifying to me. I remember having to use a white tape that you placed over your mistake, typed the “wrong” character again, which coloured the wrong letter white, and then you retyped the correct letter. This was before “White Out” was invented.

We had a very old “Underwood” typewriter when I was a kid that I used to like to play around on. In fact, our girls loved to play on it too. Even though they had computers to use, they spent hours typing out stories and newsletters on that old Underwood. They seemed to love the sound of the keys striking the paper. It was very tactile. Very rewarding.

We also had an electric typewriter that they loved to use. There were endless notes banged out on it.

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