Free-range Thanksgiving Turkeys

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The Sand Hill Preservation Center in Calamus, Iowa, focuses on the preservation of heritage poultry breeds, including this Bourbon Red turkey.

If you’re looking for a delicious, sustainably raised turkey this
Thanksgiving, your best bet is to purchase one from a local farm.
You can enter your location at
Local Harvest or
EatWild to
find organic, free-range and grass-fed turkey producers near you.
Your local food co-op, farmer’s market or natural grocery store may
also sell sustainably raised turkeys.

In addition to making sure you find a healthy bird that has had
access to fresh pasture, you stand a better chance of finding rare
heritage breeds by buying locally raised, grass-fed meat. Read more
about heritage turkey breeds and other pastured poultry in the
Mother Earth News Archive or at
The Chicken and Egg

And check out the United States Department of Agriculture’s

‘Let’s Talk Turkey’ Web site
for detailed information on how to
roast fresh and frozen turkeys safely.