Four New Ladies Join Our Flock

| 6/21/2012 11:36:36 AM

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Guest Post by Michelle Mather 


Last week we picked up four new "ready to lay" hens from our local feed mill. They are the same type of chickens as our first four - I believe they are called "Red Sex Link" as they are a cross between a Rhode Island Red Chicken rooster and a Delaware Chicken hen. We had thought about getting some "exotic" looking chickens for our second batch, but in the end we decided to stick with what is working so well. Our original four hens, Henny, Penny, Flora & Belle, are now about 19 months old and laying quite regularly and consistently. 

Also, our rooster "Colonel" is pretty flamboyant looking, so our desire for exotic colouring has been satisfied with his addition to our flock. 

I picked up the new "ladies" last Wednesday. I have a rather large cat carrier and so we put a towel down and off I went to Napanee to pick up our new chickens. Last year when we picked up our chickens the fellow ahead of us had ordered 3 but hadn't brought anything to put them in. So he grabbed a feed bag and instructed the feed mill employees to just stuff the chickens into the sack. Needless to say, our chickens had a much nicer ride home! 

Once we arrived home I decided to let the older 4 and the rooster out to free range and I put the cat carrier inside the pen and opened the carrier door. It took a few minutes but finally one of the new girls stuck her head out and began pecking at the ground in front of the carrier. Soon all four of them were out of the carrier and exploring their new territory. 

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