For the Love of Pole Barns

| 6/5/2014 9:14:00 AM

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pole barn house

Our pole barn house. We could have written a book about building and finishing one!


We are not strangers to pole barns — we love them. We store hay and equipment in one and we even converted another into a house with attached shop. They are great! The open floor plan, thick insulation, and low cost made it a very economical decision when we built the new house on the farm; a farm that came with a much older pole barn - currently being held upright by its sidewalls and goat prayers.

Sidewall of the old goat barn...

The old goat barn is homemade and according to one of the cement corners, “Circa 1980.” The posts (tree trunks) were planted in cement and have long since rotted off at ground level. The trusses were also homemade and are rotting and sagging at the joints. All the sheet metal was salvaged from some other structure (as evidenced by the nail holes), which does not bother me- what is worrisome is the chance that during an upcoming big storm, the barn will fall and tragically injure any livestock therein.  Or start a fire.

rotted corner

There is no water in the barn and the electric supply is also sketchy.  Wires are exposed to rats and critters and overall, it is just a danger.  We did shore up one end when we put in two large doors, but all that did was buy us some time and another few winters.

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