Food Self Sufficiency Competition

Disappointed with the initial response, MOTHER EARTH NEWS makes a second try at promoting its food self-sufficiency competition.

| November/December 1974

In the September/October 1974 issue we did two rather unusual things: [1] We asked how many folks would be interested in plunking down $10,000 for a 99-year lease on a small corner of our proposed Ecological Research Center and [2] we put up prize money totaling $5,000 for the best operational "food self-sufficiency" idea that anyone comes up with within a period of one year.

Or think about the amount of nourishment that might be harvested on a year-round basis from the backyard ecosystem that Jim DeKorne is currently describing in a series of MOTHER EARTH NEWS articles.

And then there's the $400 greenhouse that Clifford Ridley attached to his home out in Boulder, Utah and in which he claims he grows all the vegetables his five-member family can eat every month of the year—for a total annual cost of $100.

Or the rumors we keep hearing about the Community Technology Project in either Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia. According to unverified reports, someone in that project produced 1,000 pounds of trout in a tank located in the basement of a big city apartment house.

And don't forget Michael Dillon—the Britisher now living in Athens, Georgia—who raises the equivalent of a 175-foot-long garden row on a six-foot-tall rooftop tower (see "A New Dark Age, Vertical Gardening, and Other News Items").

Still not convinced? Then you haven't seen the $4.00 book, How to Grow More Vegetables (than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine) by John Jeavons. Get a copy, read what Alan Chadwick has done with Bio-dynamic/French Intensive gardening, and then ponder for a few days.

Robin Hardiman_2
5/13/2009 2:43:12 PM

Do you really mean the deadline was 1975? Will you publish the entries you have, since that was a long time ago...

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