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| 3/24/2014 8:46:00 AM

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Fly TrapRight about the time that the winter weather begins to shift and the sun begins to shine a little longer in the sky, I think nothing can ruin the happiness that I feel that spring is coming. And then comes that buzzing reminder that when the warmth kicks in, so do the flies. Mood officially ruined.

For those of us that live with livestock, flies are a common part of three out of four seasons. Even for the city lot urban farmers like myself, we must deal with these pesky beasts and do what we can to limit their nuisance for ourselves and the animals we keep. Last year the whole town was plagued with flies and I was a basket full of crankiness

I started my battle a little late in the season to do any real damage control. This year I’m starting early and stopping them before they strike. If this sounds melodramatic to you then you must not have a fly problem. Go you.

Here is a list of my top 5 fly solutions:

• Order Fly Predators. I get ours from Hoegger though I’m sure you can get them direct. I like Hoegger because I can get them delivered on a regular basis. That means no forgetting to order my monthly supply and dealing with the repercussions of fly larvae gone wild. The best place to start control is to get them before they reach the actual flying stage.

• Muck the barn out every day. I mean every day. What this means for me personally is that after every milking, I clean out all the wet bedding and scoop the poop. It goes right into the compost bin. I realize that for larger farms with more animals this would look differently but for my little farm, this task can make a big impact.

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