Reflections from Our First Goat Kidding Season, Part 1

| 2/19/2018 10:27:00 AM

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Oberhasli Goat Breed Lying Down 

For any goat owner, the kidding season can come with its share of stresses. However, when it’s your first kidding season, it can be downright terrifying. Although most births go off without a hitch, the fear of the unknown can be rather scary.

On our farm, we find ourselves right in the center of the scary unknown. We only recently started into dairy goats with the hope of creating some amazing goat milk products. This entire endeavor depends solely upon a successful first kidding season. Our heard must grow, and healthy does and doelings are the key components to the growth.

We are trying to be as proactive as possible coming into this birthing season. With the first births beginning mid-February, I find myself scouring the internet and referencing my goat books for any missed details. I have watched so many goat birthing videos I should be having nightmares.

Preparing the Goat-Birthing Setup

Ginger, our gorgeous Oberhasli doe, is the first due to give birth. Our veterinarian, Dr. Dean, came to check on her last week and update her CDT vaccine. He felt pretty confident that Ginger is only expecting one, maybe two, babies. He stated that this reduces the risk of potential problems dramatically, giving us a little peace of mind.

On the advice of the breeder, we bought Ginger from, we moved her to a private birthing pen in the garage this past weekend. We decided to use a 10-by-10-foot dog kennel we had laying around, giving her plenty of space to move about. We layered the floor with stall mats and clean dry straw to help keep her warm and comfy. All her buckets and food containers have been cleaned, sanitized, and filled.

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