Finish off Fire Ants! Part 2

| 5/20/2013 3:03:00 PM

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fire ant moundMy yard is being claimed by colonies of miniscule creatures.  Fire ants make gardening and even simply walking in my yard miserable.  They are more than just a minor annoyance, however. Each year, Americans pay 6 billion dollars for skin treatments, hospital bills, fire ant killers and property damage. Not to mention, many small pets are even killed from the venom.


In spite of the amount of money spent on getting rid of fire ants, their presence continues to grow tremendously each year. They have already spread into 15 southern states from as far north as Virginia all the way to California. Even in my own backyard I could easily notice the difference. This year the nests are bigger and more densely populated than ever. If I don't find a solution soon, my backyard will become completely unusable.


So why can we not control these insects?  Part of the answer lies in where they came from and part of it lies in their survival instincts.  The more we can understand these creatures, the better chance we have to reclaim our property.


5/23/2013 4:08:03 PM

Okay, I'm hanging on the edge of my seat here, waiting for the next instalment on fire ants.  I am learning so much about them that I never knew before.  I hope you finally find a solution to this pesky problem, one I can use if ever I have similar problems in my yard.  Since I'm hoping to put in an organic garden at some point, I want to be completely prepared for insect problems.  Thanks for doing such great research on this topic.

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