Tips for Finding Freelance Work

Successful freelancers must be sucessful marketers. Here are a few easy tips on getting started with a freelance career.

| January/February 1970

Everybody likes money. Everybody. I only knew one guy who didn't — and they wouldn't let him have anything sharp while he sat out his days on the bench in the funnyhouse.

Lemme ask you a question: While you're waiting for those cartoons to come back from Look and Playboy, why don't you spend about four hours and earn yourself anywhere from $15 to $60 or more?

It's easy. A snap. I've done it lots of times in the past, I'm doing it now, and I'll probably be doing it (between batches sent to regular markets) for years to come. Unless you like to wash cars, mow lawns, set pins, drive cab, dig ditches, or engage in any work but cartooning, there's no better nor simpler way to make money.

How to Make Money With Cartooning

By drawing cartoons for both local and distant merchants, industries, and business organizations. Cartoons, of course, which are heavily commercial in slant and tone. If you work hard enough at it (I did at one time) you can even support an entire family doing it.

The biggest advantage to this sort of cartooning is the breathtaking fact that you need only a few good gags. Got that? Only a few good gags. Gags which can be switched from one type of business to another. This saves both time and mental energy for more glorious — if not profitable — cartooning.

I'll show you what I mean. Two days ago, I sat down and drew three cartoons. The ideas were slanted to interest a pest control (termite exterminator, to you) outfit. Two of the drawings I left penciled. The third one I inked in. The inked cartoon showed a frantic guy (clutching himself in an overstuffed chair), peering down at a mob of termites who were carrying guy, chair and all out of the room. Gagline: "Madge! For crying out loud, call the BEAR STATE PEST CONTROL people! "

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