Fasting for Health, House Cleaning Tips, and Other Homesteading Advice from Helen and Scott Nearing

Helen and Scott Nearing respond to reader questions about fasting for health, house cleaning, and other topics.

| September/October 1981

Scott Nearing

Whether on fasting for health or house cleaning, Helen and Scott Nearing (seated at left) always have useful homesteading advice.


The following are questions readers submitted to Helen and Scott Nearing in their regular column on homesteading.  

Fasting for Health

Q: You have stated that you fast one day a week to preserve your health. Why do you think fasting is good for you? 

A: The physical organism craves nourishment to sustain itself, but many people, unfortunately, eat more than they really need to maintain good health. We believe that a little bit of discipline—in the form of short fasts—is good for the body and the soul. Abstaining from food and drink for brief periods is also said to be beneficial because it allows the digestive organs to rest, revive, and cleanse themselves.

If you're doubtful about the curative power of a fast, you might want to try one the next time you feel a cold or virus coming on. Simply stop eating immediately, and take no liquids except water for a couple of days. You'll slim down, clean out your system, and feel better for it ...and any germs that may have been lying in wait will probably disappear.

(EDITORS NOTE: Fasting, especially by those who are inexperienced in such practices, should only be done under a doctor's supervision.)  

Fasts—for us—are enjoyable, and we look forward to them. With no meals to prepare, we have more time for other homesteading activities, and the days actually seem longer.

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