Farming at Every Scale

| 12/2/2015 10:24:00 AM

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Whether you live in an apartment or on a hundred-acre farm, you can take steps towards self-reliance and lifestyle independence. Living with limited space doesn't have to be a setback towards homesteading, and there are many creative ways you can take advantage of your space to get the most out of it.

Urban farming has gained great popularity in recent years as people work to make the most of their living situations. The ability to grow your own food is no longer limited to the country, so if you occupy an apartment there are many ways you can maintain elements of a country lifestyle.

Even with skyscrapers in the background, gardens are flourishing. From Las Vegas to New York and the windy city of Chicago urban farms have become part of the landscape. One of the easiest ways to become part of the movement is by contributing to a community garden, which will allow you the space to plant your vegetables and participate in your local neighborhood. Community gardens usually share the responsibilities of caring for the plants and land, and in turn share the benefits of the harvest.

The idea came from the victory gardens of World War II and often include community outreach as part of their mission. Working in a community garden will not only allow you to get your hands dirty, but most have programs to help introduce gardening to young people and divide their crops with low income families in their area.

Community gardens are a wonderful way to try your hand at gardening in a supportive environment. With the help of local government, most community gardens are set up in city green space, which will allow you more acreage to grow than is often affordable in an urban setting. If you don't have a community garden in your area you can always consider starting your own, or working within your current space.

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