A Dream of Farming in Hawaii

Learn how Skye and Hollis Osborn and Beverlie Beauclerk made their dreams of farming in Hawaii come true!

| March/April 1977

Living and growing our own on farms in Idaho and Oregon was better than staying cooped up in some city, you understand. But a long siege of 20-below weather a few winters back finally chilled our enthusiasm for even the country life ... if it had to be lived up north.

So our family of three (mother, father, and 10-year-old) set out on a hunt for sunshine in our VW bus. And a month later — after we'd sold the bus for plane fare — we found it: in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, in the state of Hawaii.

Yes, Honolulu had sunshine all right ... and magnificent mountains and sandy beaches to curl our toes in. But it also had freeways, traffic, high rents, and too much cement.

"This is no place to raise a new baby," we said (we had just learned that our family of three was about to become four). "And what about me?" our 10-year-old demanded. She had a point too.

So we stored our non-essentials in three orange crates, shouldered our packs, and began a search of our 50th state's outer islands. Five months, two islands, and a lot of frustrations later, we found a small house on the island of Hawaii.

Although it was situated alongside a spectacular river and very close to the local medicine man (who agreed to join in our home birth ritual), this new place we called home still fell far short of being the small tropical paradise — with gardens and goats — we wanted to call our own. And, thanks to our stringent financial condition, there seemed little chance we'd be able to afford anything better as long as we stayed in Hawaii.

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