Farming Advice and Folklore: Using Cooking Oil to Clean Hands, Shiny Windows and Grooming Dogs

Farming advice and folklore from MOTHER and her readers, including using cooking oil to clean your hands, using dishwasher detergent to shine up windows and using dog hair to scare critters away.

| May/June 1988


We empty the bags of dog hair in our garden, scattering the hair throughout the plot. Since we started doing this, all the ground hogs, raccoons and other animals that used to vandalize the crops have gone elsewhere.


MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers share their farming advice, fun tips and country folklore, including a variety of ways to use cooking oil to clean your hands, shining up windows with dishwasher detergent and scattering dog hair in the garden to keep critters away 

MOTHER's Country Farming Advice and Folklore

Soft Swab 

After using my string mop, I rinse the head in cold water and then soak it for an hour in a bucket of warm water into which I've mixed a capful of fabric softener. No more stiff and smelly mops for me.

—Amy L. Weber
Valdosta, Georgia

For Oil We Know  

When I work on my car, I invariably get grease all over my hands and under my fingernails. This is tough stuff, but every last bit comes off (the odor, too) with vegetable oil. After rubbing it in really well, I add a little dish detergent and water, rub some more and wash it off. The oil also gets rid of that sticky residue from adhesive labels.

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