Farming Advice and Folklore: Spring Cleaning, Proofing Bread and Cola Coffeepot

Farming advice and folklore from MOTHER and her readers, including spring cleaning, proofing bread, Cola coffeepot and more.

| May/June 1987

MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers share their farming advice, fun tips and country folklore, including spring cleaning, proofing bread, camping tips, paint scraping and using Cola to clean your coffeepot. 

MOTHER's Country Farming Advice and Folklore

Spring Cleaning

Each year when I get out the yard furniture for the summer, I load it all in my pickup and take it to a do-it-yourself car wash. For a handful of quarters and just a few minutes time, my furniture is scrubbed and rinsed and ready to use.

—Irma F. Wilson
Seminole, Oklahoma

Baby Those Blades

Because razor blades rust out before they wear out, I protect each one as it's used by immersing it in baby oil between shaves. Now a blade lasts a month instead of three or four days, and I'm never nicked or scratched either.

—Mike Sutton
Des Moines, Iowa

Rise and Shine

I love to bake bread, and I've found an easy, foolproof way to assure that the dough rises quickly. I grease the inside of my electric slow cooker, turn the heat on low and let the pot warm. Then I turn it off, put in the dough and cover the pot. This really works like a charm.

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