Farming Advice and Folklore: Free Mulch, Ants, and Mint Vinegar Recipe

Farming advice and folklore from MOTHER and her readers from past issues, including information about free mulch, invading ants, and a mint vinegar recipe.

| July/August 1986

Reprinted from MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 58. 

MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers share their farming advice, fun tips and country folklore, including free mulch, ants, a recipe for gourmet mint vinegar, covering cauliflowers, sharpening vegetable peelers and more. 

MOTHER's Country Farming Advice and Folklore

Chickens & Pickin's

It's bug-picking season, so a lot of conscientious gardeners will be pouring kerosene into old tomato cans and dropping in all the Japanese beetles, bean weevils, potato bugs, cucumber beetles . . . and other assorted nasties that they can get their mitts on. But at least one backyard grower — Charles Rice of Highland, New York — will carry a bit of salad oil in his bug can instead of the traditional kerosene.

Charles says that the cooking liquid will immobilize hungry veggivores as well as the lamplighting fluid does. Better yet, though — when his task is finished — he'll have super-protein-rich hors d'oeuvres to feed to his chickens!


If ants invade your kitchen, attach flypaper — sticky side out — along the bottom of your cabinets (or around table legs) to form an impenetrable barrier. By the time you have to change your adhesive sheets, the social little insects will probably realize they're not wanted . . . and move on to happier hunting grounds.

From MOTHER EARTH NEWS 'S Almanac, 1982.

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