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| 11/9/2010 3:54:25 PM

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Farmgirl Sisterhood

If you love learning modern homesteading skills and sharing them with your friends and family, then you embody the spirit behind MaryJane’s Farmgirl Sisterhood. MaryJane Butters, editor of the magazine MaryJane’s Farm, began the organization out of her passion for the organic farming lifestyle. The Sisterhood is open “to all farmgirls or farmgirls at heart.” By signing up to the “Farmgirl Chatroom,” you’ll have access to the site’s forum, where like-minded women across the country connect. With topics ranging from “Farmgirl Swap” to “Nifty Thrifty,” the forum provides a place for do-it-yourselfers to share stories and ideas, and to sell homemade goodies. There is even a list of blogs for farmgirls of every type: city, mountain, suburban, ranch or rural.  

You don’t have to join the Sisterhood to browse the awesome handmade products, read the blogs from other Farmgirls, contribute to the online forums or participate via Facebook ( For $25, however, you can become a member and receive a membership badge, special product offers, the monthly newsletter and more. Similar to a grown-up version of Girl Scouts, chapter members can earn merit badges in 58 interest areas, including beekeeping, sewing and embroidery, natural cooking and food preservation, and gardening and composting. To learn more, or to join or start a local Farmgirl chapter, check out the Sisterhood’s website.  

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11/29/2010 1:27:42 PM

The only problem I see of homesteading is capital. Capital to buy the land, Capital to buy the animals, Capital to building a place to live in. There are several articles on Mother Earth that show you how to invent the problems and solve them like would your dogs chase your chicken. Or would your Cat kill your chicken. There are these girls have made a blog to show how to solve the problem. I mean if you have a house and you have the animals to milk you would need some extra money to get the place going. I mean you would need need money to spend for the seeds and for feed for the goats. You'll need to have extra goats so that you can produce enough milk to sell and produce income. I mean all the homesteaders would have their own cows or goats. You could not sell them. You would need a car or a horse to carry your milk to a store who would be willing to buy it from you. If you are a homesteader and have goats and cows and you do not know how to milk them get in touch with me. You can get in touch with me via my blog. Leave a comment and your address so I can reach you.

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