Why Farmers Need Each Other

| 9/15/2015 8:53:00 AM

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Everyone has heard quotes, analogies, poems and songs about “chapters of life.” They begin and they end, sometimes starting and ending with clear beginnings and clear endings and sometimes they just drift in and out and we find ourselves unaware that they have begun or have ended. I have always preferred the clear versions, but I try to take the chapters in stride.

Mid-august found me packed up and driving away from Polyface Farms. I was done with the apprenticeship, my little red ‘94 Toyota Camry was packed to the roof (and riding lower than a snakes belly button), and I had roughly three thousand miles between me and my home in Northern California. This was a clear ending of one chapter and a beginning of a new one.

My time at Polyface was unforgettable and through it I have completed my goal of equipping myself with the experience and knowledge to start my own farm. As my wheels kicked up the dust on the gravel drive that leads out the driveway and over the bridge towards civilization, I found myself itching and excited — the next chapter that I was working 14 months towards was about to begin.

Before I continue, it is important to note that I hold the ideas of collaboration and community as important parts of farming. We farmers work and live in an industry where our rights and ideals have to be fought for. We are playing against the “Big Boys” and they don’t like us on the playground. We have to work together if we plan on making a difference, not just in our immediate community, but across the nation.

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