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| 3/24/2009 1:03:08 PM

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Ogden Publications, the firm that publishes Mother Earth News, also puts out three “collectible” titles: Farm Collector, Steam Traction and Gas Engine. What you might ask are Steam Traction and Gas Engine? Well, there are folks who love nothing better than hanging around and collecting large engines and machinery, watching them huff and puff, and tinkering with their innards. For those devoted to steam- and gas-powered tractors and other farm equipment, these magazines and websites are a link to fellow enthusiasts all over the country.

Farm Collector magazine is just what it seems to be, a publication for those who are passionate about all things farm like – tractors, threshers, hay rakes, hoof clippers, wagon wheels, double-trees, barbed wire, etc., etc. Farm Collector also puts out an annual Farm Collector Show Directory, a complete guide to over 1,300 antique farm equipment shows in the U.S. and Canada.

If you have a curiosity about steam and gas engines, collect farm machinery and equipment, or love going to farm equipment shows, be sure to check out these fine magazines and their websites.

Ruby Jaggernath
6/11/2012 8:21:58 PM

I've just put up a bunch of pictures from a gas engine show onto my website. If anyone is interested, the site is For information on the pictures, you can contact me at, put "Engine Show" in the subject line.

E. Neal_2
3/26/2009 9:25:39 AM

The great thing about some of the old implements is that they are well made and a person with a little skill can keep them working for a long time. When I was a kid in the 1980's my grandfather and I would cut his ten acres of pasture and rake hay with a sickle mower and a rake both of which were made to be drawn behind a horse. A person who is serious about using renewable energy could take some of that stuff and farm the "old school" way.

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