What kind of barns, sheds or shelters do you have for your farm animals?

| 5/14/2009 3:56:33 PM

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Farm animals – chickens, turkeys, goats, cows – all need shelter for both summer and winter weather conditions. They need shade in the summer, and a place to be protected from wind, rain and severe cold. Animal feed, bedding and other livestock necessities also need adequate housing.

Do you prefer to have a dedicated space for each animal type with a separate structure for feed, etc., or do you prefer large structures, such as barns, which can serve a variety of purposes? Or, maybe, you have just built shelters as you acquire the poultry and farm animals!

Tell your tale, share your preferences and experiences in the comments section, below.

5/15/2009 3:56:01 PM

I decided to keep my small backyard flock of laying hens in a miniature rotational grazing system, inspired by the Salatin method. We built a mobile coop and separate mobile pen, using materials we pulled out of dumpsters, plus some new materials as well. The system works really well. We don't treat our lawn, obviously. So we just move the hens daily, rotating them around and around our large garden plot. We let the grass grow long so that they don't damage the turf as much with their scratching. I blogged about our set up here: http://livingthefrugallife.blogspot.com/2009/04/going-mobile-with-backyard-flock.html

Barbara Lueders
5/15/2009 1:31:20 PM

I have an old 16' Winnebago camper as my chicken coop. I didn't yet have enough "scroungings" to build a coop or shed and even used 6 x 10 sheds are way too expensive in my area, plus, I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted a permanent coop. I have my hens pastured- there can be no "free range" with 6 German shepherds- so I just hook on the camper and move it to new ground every week or so, with a corral made of plastic lattice panels that gets moved with it. I love it, the hens are laying like crazy and the trailer only cost $200.

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