4 Fun Facts For Small-Scale Goat Owners

| 9/18/2015 10:07:00 AM

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All goat owners have one thing in common. Within months, weeks, or even days, we find ourselves asking the question. “Wait a minute. Do I own this goat, or does this goat own me?

I was reminded of this fact last weekend as a friend and I watched a football game. We had barely taken out seats when his phone rang.

“Hi honey! Wait, slow down. He is? He did what? But how did he… Oh man. Okay, okay. Where is he now? That far away?? Gosh. Alright, it’s almost the second quarter, do I need to come home?”

As a farmer who has raised several hundred goats over the years, from floppy-eared Nubians to stalwart Boers to the funky, wooden legged Tennessee Fainters, I knew right away that this conversation had nothing to do with a misbehaving child, or a missing family dog or cat. No, I told myself, only an escaped goat could generate so much surprise, alarm and resignation all within a 10 second conversation. My suspicions were quickly confirmed.

“It’s my buck, Slingshot,” my friend explained. “He was in his pen when I left, and now he’s a mile away, at another farm. Apparently, he climbed onto his shelter, stood on his hind legs, and launched himself over the fence. It’s seven feet high!”

10/4/2015 6:58:01 PM

Forrest, Loved reading your article! Well written, informative and Funny! 3 stories up in the mow? lol! 20 of them! Could be they see our fences of entrapment as something needing to be overcome..in that regard they may have more sense than some humans. Smart of them to see a small hole as an opportunity to make a larger one. Shows us the optimism & positive attitude these wonderful animals have. Being a city gal, I also found your article to be a learning experience, I mean, like I would know what a mow is? I do now. I didn't know Capri was Latin for goat either, thx. for that tid-bit too. No offense to these city boys but Imagine a man smarter than a goat! The thought of these city slickers cleaning goat poop off the roof tops of their hundred thousand dollar bimmers....i'm still chuckling! Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your piece! Seeing a crack in the fence as an expressway, too funny! I'll be on the lookout for more of your future 'thoughts' and articles. Thanks for this one!

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