European Stove Technology Comes to North America

| 10/27/2011 12:41:26 PM

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Lehman's is pleased to announce the USA distribution of Efel wood burning stoves. Trusted by Europeans for efficiency and environmental friendliness, Efel stoves feature brand new woodbox technology.

"This technology gives you the most control you can get burning wood as fuel, period," said Galen Lehman, President of Lehman's, a general store in Kidron specializing in brand new, but non-electric products. "It is not available on any other wood stove line in the United States -- in summary, it allows you to adjust the air supply and intensity of the flames with a digital thermostat and remote control." Visit for more information.

The stoves are expected to arrive at Lehman's in late October. "We are currently taking pre-orders for the Efel brand," said Lehman. "Orders confirmed October 31 will get a $500 discount." Lehman's is carrying one model with Woodbox Technology, the S33, but expects to add more models as they become available. There are three other Efel models that customers can preorder: two sizes of the Harmony Non-Catalytic and one size of the Stanford Non-Catalytic. Pricing on the stoves range from $2,200 to $3,000.

Woodbox Combustion is an internationally patented technology that preheats the combustion air to over 390 degrees F and delivers it slowly and evenly over the fire. This results in spectacular flame display, high efficiency, low emissions and long, even burn times. Remarkably, this advanced combustion technology keeps the glass crystal clear, even when the stove burns on low setting. And, with the optional remote control (sold separately), homeowners will have something never before available in wood stoves: precise control over the size of the fire, with the touch of the remote, from the comfort of the couch.

“I have heated my home with a wood stove for years and the Efel Stove and Woodbox Technology is the best system I have seen," said Carlos Martinez, manager of Lehman's appliance and wood stove department." I have worked for some of the biggest names in the Hearth industry and the quality and craftsmanship of Efel are second to none. With the glass staying clean and the woodbox technology allowing for a thermostatically controlled remote, I changed the stove that I burn in my house to an Efel as soon as they were available at Lehman's." 

In a labor-intensive process, artisans in Belgium construct the airtight firebox using two layers of 10-gauge steel. The double glazed window is safe and clean.  Even the cast iron body is made from recycled materials.

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