Establishing a Homesteading Routine

| 6/17/2014 11:32:00 AM

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Establishing a Rhythm and Routine

Recently a Mother Earth News blogging friend mentioned something to me that really struck true: Things get easier when you establish a routine.

Getting in alignment with your circumstances or finding a rhythm in dealing with the many chores and tasks required of maintaining your homestead does make tasks go more smoothly. Rhythm is a strong regular repeated pattern of movement, flow or tempo. When you are essentially self sustaining getting into a routine or rhythm facilitates achievement and accomplishment.

One of our routines is getting in our firewood for next winter. Heating with a wood stove where winter/cold temperatures can last up to 7 months requires a considerable amount of firewood and pre-planning. It has to be cut, hauled to where it is accessible, split and stacked. We generally use 9-11 cords of firewood each winter so getting in our firewood is one of our major tasks. We sometimes start burning firewood in September and stop sometime in May.

We burn aspen as it causes less of a creosote problem than the pine, fir and spruce. Our chimney is understandably high due to our cabin being A-frame construction. Using a more resinous wood tends to cause us a problem at the top of our chimney where it is cooler causing the soot and creosote to build up in that area more so than the lower part which is more warm and even temperature. We therefore burn aspen which is on the lower end of the list of hard woods but abundant on our property. When it is dry it burns much cleaner and therefore has much less soot and creosote in comparison to the conifers.

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