What To Do at the End of Maple-Tapping Season

| 3/31/2015 10:27:00 AM

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Like all good things, the maple tapping season must come to an end. Those few weeks sure went by fast! Just a few quick chores left and then you can get to enjoying your sweet bounty. Before you can call it done, you’ll need to remove the taps, clean everything up, and store it away until next year. So how do you know when the season is over?

Three Ways to Tell the Season is Over

Look for these simple signs that the tapping season is done for the year (we hope it’s the first one!):

Sign No. 1: You’ve made all the syrup you want! Unless you know another sugarmaker who wants your sap, you can remove the taps whenever you’ve reached your goal.

Sign No. 2: The sap flow slows down dramatically – this usually happens because the freeze/thaw temperature cycle has passed. You’ll still get a little sap each day but this change usually leads to the next sign:

Sign No. 3: The tree buds out. This is the final straw for your sugarmaking! Once those buds appear, the sap develops an off or “buddy” flavor and it will not make good tasting syrup.

buds on maple tree 

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