Electric Utility Vehicles

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The Ranger EV by Polaris has a range of up to 50 miles before it needs to be recharged.

Electric utility vehicle powertrains consist of a bank of deep-cycle batteries that provide the “fuel” to run a DC electric motor that drives a transaxle and propels the wheels. Deep-cycle batteries are different from the standard lead-acid battery used to start your car and are designed to provide a steady supply of current over a long period of time. Range before recharge can be a consideration if you cover a lot of ground. Unlike a gasoline vehicle that can be refueled in a few minutes, recharging an electric vehicle will take several hours.

To learn more about specific electric utility vehicles, check out the models listed below.

2010 Polaris Ranger EV Electric-Powered Side-By-Side

Polaris calls this vehicle “perfect… for farming, ranching, hunting and recreational riding.”

Batteries: Lead-acid
Distance (approximate range before recharge): 50 miles, depending on conditions
MSRP: $10,699

To learn more about the Polaris Ranger EV and see a video of it in action, read Polaris Announces Electric Utility Vehicle for 2010 from GRIT editor Hank Will.

Electric XU-3000

The Electric XU-3000 can be registered as a motorcycle in many states, allowing it to be driven on city streets.

Batteries: Silicone gel
Distance: 35 miles
MSRP: $8,999


The XRT850 is described as having “power that’s big enough to tackle the toughest jobs in a package that’s compact enough to fit into the back of a pickup truck.”

Batteries: Lead-acid
Distance: 30 miles
MSRP: $6,539 with fold down rear seat

HuntVe 4X4

Featuring a sturdy, aluminum 2-1 rear seat and flatbed combo, and 24-inch durable all terrain tires, the HuntVe 4X4 has a total vehicle capacity of 1200 lbs.

Batteries: Lead-acid
Distance: 20 miles in a true 4X4 setting
MSRP: $9,500

Predator XR, Apache XR

Stealth Electric Utility Vehicles has two extended range E-UTVs on the market, and is currently producing the Patriot LSV.

Batteries: Silicone gel
Distance: 45 (Predator XR) to 55 (Apache XR) miles
MSRP: $10,903 (Predator XR)

For more information on selecting a utility terrain vehicle, including specs on many models, read the Utility Vehicle Roundup from GRIT

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