Electric Fencing for Garden Pest Control

Homesteaders can protect their crops by using electric fencing for garden pest control of deer and other furry predators.

| August/September 2003

Learn how you can protect your crops, use electric fencing for garden pest control.

Electric Fencing for Garden Pest Control

The fence is made of horizontal wires set 2 inches apart near the ground and vertical wires every 12 inches. To repel deer, it is set up directly under two strands of electrified tape strung on 4-foot fiberglass rods "That can't be deer fence!" visitors often exclaim when they see the two strands of hot tape. "A deer can jump right over that!"

Sure it can; the idea is to teach deer that the pain is not worth the gain. That's why electric fences are often "baited" with peanut butter or apple juice concentrate, which is guaranteed to draw a deer's sensitive nose to the wire. Just fold a few flinch squares of aluminum foil that have been smeared with peanut butter over the fence wire, or use commercially made metal pans with cotton pads and twist ties. Just the white-and-black coloring of many electric fence ropes or tapes put deer on guard; wind that makes the fencing bounce, hum and even buzz loudly spooks deer even more.

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