ECHO Bear Cat Announces the Addition of NEW 2” ChipperShredder

| 7/13/2011 8:29:13 AM

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ECHO Bear Cat is pleased to introduce the 2” SC2170 Chipper/Shredder to its line of outdoor power equipment. The new SC2170 Chipper/Shredder is offered worldwide through authorized ECHO Bear Cat dealerships. The SC2170 replaces the ECHO Bear Cat SC2206 Chipper/Shredder. The SC2206 has been on the market since 2007.

 echo bear cat“Our goal at ECHO Bear Cat is to design a diverse selection of machines that fit a variety of consumers,” said Dale Winkelman, Director of ECHO Bear Cat. “The SC2170 Chipper/Shredder is the perfect addition to the ECHO Bear Cat family.”

Productivity is improved with the direct drive, which ensures power is sent directly from the engine to the chipping blade and increases the disc speed, allowing the operator to chip more material at a faster rate.

Machine maintenance was an important factor during the design development of this machine. Equipped with two reversible, heat treated chipper blades and two cast iron double hammer flails enhance the life of this chipper/shredder by maintaining a sharper cutting edge longer, decreasing maintenance costs and blade replacement.  The Subaru 170cc Engine is built with a cast iron cylinder sleeve that increase engine longevity.

The SC2170 Chipper/Shredder is designed with a variety of features and options including, 1.5” shredder screen and an optional ¾” shredder screen is also available, letting operators choose the size of the discharge material, polyurethane hopper allowing for greater machine maneuverability and decrease wear from the environment and a durable 7 gauge chipper housing constructions to ensure long life of the machine.

“The design of the SC2170 is intended for homeowners for taking care of minor yard debris,” said Senior Design Engineer, Arlan Mathias. “Our goal is to provide a cost effective machine that is ideal for taking care of a variety of gardening and lawn purposes.”

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